Why travelling with Dot-e

Why travelling with Dot-e

Erasmus simply changed me

I understood in 9 months of Erasmus more about myself than in 20 years of “normal” life. I suddenly grew up, I challenged all the habits of my life, I decided to go out of my comfort zone and this was the best decision of my life so far.

Erasmus changed my way of being, my way of seeing life, my way of travelling

One day I will tell you all about the changes that happened in me during that year, but now I really want to talk about:

How I started to approach to travel

Now I want to tell you about that day when I took the backpack for the first time and the reason why I never left it anymore.

Before Erasmus, travelling for me meant going with a group of friends somewhere. It was all about planning everything perfectly and living an experience as I wanted. Everything was fine, and everyone was happy. Everything was normally good.

Erasmus travellers on a trip discovering new places

During my Erasmus the meaning of travelling for me changed completely

It started to mean craziness, improvisation, meetings and love.

I was doing my Erasmus in Oviedo, in the north of Spain. I especially remember a magic trip in Barcelona. I travelled all night long by bus with a friend, Marco. In Barcelona our friend Marta was waiting for us. I understood that everything was up to change when Mariana, my housemate, gave to me her backpack. I felt that one was going to be a very different trip, and so was.

When we arrived we found a crazy house

It was full of people from different nationalities and everybody was hosting friends or friends of friends. We were like fifteen people sleeping in the same house. We were exploring the city, experiencing not the touristic places, but the most beautiful and full of culture ones. We were walking and living like we knew perfectly where we were going. We ate in a semi-legal little fish restaurant that is only for fishermen. We discovered the best landscapes of the city. We threw a party in a private rooftop for people we met in the street. We spent special nights and days, we experienced emotions we could never replicate, because they were true and created by the magic of the meeting and improvisation.

Erasmus travellerr is playing guitar at his home

These are the special feeling that I want to transmit to the world

This is the spirit of dot-e! This is the true life!

With Dot-e you’ll have a friend ready to welcome you and to show you the city she/he loves. You will experience it with unique eyes, in a unique mood. You will meet amazing people. It will be like if you were doing the Erasmus in that city too.

Travelling with Dot-e means 

Meeting people like you, in love with life and open to meetings. This is the very Erasmus mood.
Dot-e is something very simple, only students sharing and helping each other. It is completely safe and you are free to think only about enjoying your trip.

Erasmus travellers are relaxing in a park

So what are you waiting for?

Go out of your comfort zone, experience true life, know people and share truly with them!

Written by Matteo Mirabella

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