What is the first dotter championship?

What is the first dotter championship?

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We are the Erasmus generation. We choose to be dotters

Being a dotter means believing that Erasmus is a matter of friends. Everything is easier with friends, everything is magic with them.

Do you need info about a city?! There is a friend you can talk with.
Don’t you know what to do or what to see? There is a dotter who can help you.
Are you travelling in a new city and want to have amazing time? Is full of dotters over there, be ready to spend the best time of your life.

Being a dotter means being open to life and to unexpected.
Being a dotter means being full of friends, and you know why?

Because every single dotter is inviting its friends to become dotters. That’s why.

It was the beginning of April and I realised with James that dotter family was growing mainly because of you dotters.
So we decided to say thanks, and it was born the first Dotter Championship!

What is dotter championship?

This is the first championship of all the dotters!
The goal of all the dotters is to create the biggest movement of Erasmus and international friends, based on sharing and solidarity.

dotter championship registration screen

Basically who invites more friends to join dot-e will be the dotter champion of the week and will be celebrated on our Instagram page, on our blog and on our secret facebook group exclusive for the dotter family.
And, will enter in the dotter HALL OF FAME forever!
Participate is very simple, just login at www.doterasmus.com and follow the instruction.
You will earn:
20 Points for registering on dot-e;
5 Points for sharing the link on whatsapp, facebook and messenger;
5 Points for every friend who participates at the dotter championship thanks to you;
1 Point for every friend that click on the link you shared.

How is it going?

In the first 5 days are many the dotters who started to play in the dotter championship, I want to say thank you to you all and in particular to the first 10 in the ranking, right now when I’m writing they are:
Tiagopereirag with 94 points
Roxana Ştefana Coțofanu with 85 points
Chicusss with 74 points
elmasmamu with 71 points
memet_nteli with 59 points
mlikebas with 53 points
Jesuisunpandah with 49 points
emanuele_caggiano with 44 points
goodluke.chaiza with 42 points
danielagonzalez19 and omid.fasihian with 39 points

Now what?

The championship will end when we will reach 50.000 dotters!
The nominations as dotter champions and the entrance in the dotter HALL OF FAME will be closed at that point!

I’m looking forward to see you all in this game, looking ahead at the same goal:
Having international friends wherever we go!

Click here, login or register if you don’t have already an account and try to be the next dotter champion.

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