What is Dot-e

What is Dot-e

Be a dotter

Have you ever dreamed about travelling without spending money? Have you ever dreamed to be full of friends ready to welcome you in every city you go?
Now with dot-e you can!
Being a dotter means to be part of the first community where all the Erasmus can meet up and exchange hospitality.
Dotters have mainly three benefits:

  1. Do you need advices about your Erasmus? You don’t need anymore to loose hours searching on intricate blogs, you can directly ask to whom is doing Erasmus or did the Erasmus in your city.
  2. Are you travelling and you don’t know anything about the city? You can propose a meeting to a dotter and experience the same amazing Erasmus mood in every city,
  3. You can help other people to travel or be helped when you are travelling, hosting or being hosted by amazing dotters.

Meet life

So with dot-e you can save money while you are travelling, meet amazing Erasmus and live extraordinary experiences in the best year of your life.
Don’t travel anymore as a simple tourist, travel as a dotter and discover the Erasmus life in every city. Discover the little tiny square full of flowers you would never find alone. Discover the little pub with jam session of amazing musicians.
With dot-e you can enter in the ecosystems of other Erasmus while travelling and this means being to be full of friends in every city and live meaningful experiences, the ones you will be ready to tell everybody.
Hosting travelling dotters, or meeting them in your city means to travel also being in your city, hearing their stories and being part of their travels.
Because what is truly the meaning of travelling if not, being in the middle of travellers?!

A large group of erasmus travellers is visiting a city

Meet people, meet culture, meet life

How does it work

Only Erasmus and exchange students can be dotters. We decided it to grant the maximum degree of compatibility and safety between dotters. We wanted to create a safe and familiar environment, where everybody can feel free to share solidarity and empathy.
It is for this reason that every user has to certify his Erasmus status before to have the possibility to chat with the other dotters.
Certification is very fast! Just upload your learning agreement or your ESN card or every document you think can demonstrate you are or you did exchange.
Now you are in! You are a dotter and you are part of the family.

Dot-e is for you if

Do you think that travelling shouldn’t be a matter of money, but only of how many friends you have around the world?
Are you an open-minded person, ready to be out of your comfort zone?
Do you love people and are you ready to live the Erasmus as the best experience of your life?

Erasmus Travellers are sharing experiences

So you are a Dotter! So you are part of the family that is challenging the rules of the game.
You are part of a family based of sharing and solidarity, based on no prejudices, based on love.

Stay ready for the Erasmus revolution!


Written By Matteo Mirabella

featured pics by our dotter friend Richard

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    1. Thanks, Jasmine! We are happy you liked it! Tune in for more cool articles to come 🙂

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