Top 5 cities for an exchange semester in Italy

Top 5 cities for an exchange semester in Italy

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Italy is a famous Erasmus destination and it certainly doesn’t come as a surprise.
Pastaland, as I like to call it, is a top spot for a semester abroad because it has practically everything – iconic cities, deep-rooted history and an award winning food culture topped with friendly people.
And this is just a small fraction of what the country has to offer.  So, spending an exchange semester in Italy is a win-win deal, trust the international bee. 😊 And here are the top 5 Erasmus cities to start from:

Erasmus in Bologna

Bologna is an energetic city and the historic capital of the Emilia-Romagna region. With a medieval grid, Bologna shows two intriguing halves of high-tech, hard working city and of politically edgy place. The city hosts the world’s oldest university, Università di Bologna, founded in 1088. Also, it combines the best of everything for international students – immersive cultural experience, central location, big-city life and endless opportunities for making friends over a Spritz.

Erasmus in Rome

Rome, a historical powerhouse, is the Italy’s hot-blooded capital. With its impressive art, ancient ruins and vibrant lifestyle, Rome is charismatic and romantic. And due to thousands of Erasmus students flying to town, networking here is going strong. There are countless events organised for the exchange students, and if you dare to venture out into the surrounding region of Lazio, you will be surprised by its hidden treasures. Foodie hot spots and historic sites all over!

Eramus traveller in Rome in a sunny day

Erasmus in Milan

Buzzing international hub, glamourous night life, cutting edge fashion and stunning cathedral, Milan has it all. This Italian city, unlike many others, is very international and has a multicultural vibe similar to London and New York. Milan is home to the national stock exchange and it is recognized for its high-end shops and restaurants. One of its main universities, the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, is right in the heart of the city, and it is the largest private university in Europe!

Erasmus in Florence

A beloved destination for romantic-oriented travellers, Florence is the capital in the famous region of Tuscany. The cradle of the Renaissance is a romantic place which has the power to enchant its visitors with enticing world-class art, eccentric cobbled streets, hidden churches and delicious Tuscan cuisine. Florence will feed your soul with gratitude and appreciation for years to come.  Your endeavor will satisfy the desire for living “la dolce vita” while taking your breath away. A real love story right there!

Beautiful view of Florence

Erasmus in Turin

Turin, the capital city of Piedmont, is an important cultural and business centre known for its elegant architecture and yummy cuisine. Have you heard of the most iconic Italian car, the Fiat? Well, welcome to its home! This splendid city, nestled in the heart-stirring Alps, has a baroque-inspired charm with old-style cafes, grand squares and huge boulevards. And in case you are looking for a slightly different Erasmus experience in Italy, Turin is your city of choice. Meeting hundreds of exchange students is an easy task in such an international environment. Enjoy the vibe!

As I like to say, stepping out of your comfort zone is a task number 1.

So, how about walking down on the same streets that Dante Alighieri, Machiavelli, Leondardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Galilelo Galilei and Christopher Columbus once did? There yet? See you in Italy, dotters!

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Written by Natali Popova

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