The dotter philosophy

The dotter philosophy

Travelling is a deep human act

When you travel for a long time, as in an Erasmus program, your mind changes. You learn how to make compromises, how to decide quickly and how to put yourself out and ask for informations in a language that you don’t know, even if you will look or sound ridiculous.

When I think about life, I see it as a long road full of adventures and travelling is a big part of it.

Travelling is a deep human act. That’s because the most important part of a journey includes the people that you meet with their stories and their dreams. A trip is special because of them, not because of the places that you could have easily seen on Instagram.

Erasmus travellers are enjoying a trip on their car

With Dot-e we celebrate meetings

When you get in touch with another Erasmus student, it’s not only about partying together but it’s about sharing emotions and fears realizing that together you are stronger. Every encounter makes you richer, gives you the opportunity to change your perspective and your direction.

In this world full of insecurities, we want to believe in the goodness of people. We want to stay human

When a Dotter welcomes you in his/her house, he/she doesn’t only give you a couch to sleep on. He/she offers you friendship and comprehension. He/she shows you his life, his/her friends and his places letting you enter into his life without knowing you, just because you’re on the same path.

Erasmus traveller with an outstanding landscape in background

Travelling let you open your eyes

Stop looking only in one direction!
You’ll see the whole reality, even the things that you don’t want to see. This is the big difference between the tourist and the traveler. The first one sees only what he/she wants to see, after that he’ll/she’ll go back to the hotel and will help devouring the buffet. But the second ones are artists: they dive into the local culture and understand a lot more of that country. They don’t see anymore the world in black and white, they imagine thousands of shades and colors.

We Dotters are travellers

We want to:

  • experience everything
  • help others achieving their dreams
  • embrace the differences between us and make any human contact a chance to grow
  • be above borders and barriers

It doesn’t matter where we were born, at which latitude and longitude, we all belong to the same family.

We believe in a better world and we want to help shaping it.

Written by Alice Buhagiar

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