Matteo Mirabella - Founder

Matteo was dreaming about a perfect life over the beaches of Salvador de Bahia when Giacomo called and told about dot-e. He decided to come back and start living the dream.
Since then he is living nomadic, someone says he is searching for Salvador de Bahia again, but who knows him says he is searching for the best dotters around the world.
If you see him in your city, maybe is your time to start the adventure.

Giacomo Founder

Giacomo Calabrese - Founder

Is he an Erasmus? Is he a traveller? Is he a nomad? Everything of this and even more!
He is a Dotter. He travelled among dotters all over Europe, he says every corner of the world is his home. Kindness and altruism are his keywords.
Don’t lose the opportunity to experiment life with this amazing dotter.

Andrea Leli - Marketer

Mirko Trezza - Marketer

Erasmus girl smiling in Lugano

Natali Popova - Blogger

Born and raised in Bulgaria, breaking away at the age of 19, she created her very own nomad lifestyle. 5 countries, 10 homes, 4 languages, and hundreds of international friends later, she is still as passionate about traveling and exploring as ever. She likes challenging herself and undoubtedly, at this very moment, she is getting her bags ready for the next adventure! Natali is “not born for one corner, the whole world is her native land”. Get inspired, start wandering, step out of the box, start connecting with people and have the courage to lose yourself… so to find out who you truly are.

Chiara Zucchetto Giuseppin - Blogger

Chiara is pure energy and vitality. Her smile is able to take you to a universe where everything seems perfect. Anyone who has met her says she has changed the way he/she see life, living with her means getting excited at every moment, means enjoying life in it’s purest and simplest way. The best Erasmus interviewer that exists, the camera loves her .. you’ll fall in love soon

Alice Buhagiar - Blogger

At 18, she had already set foot on all the existing continents.Traveling for her is not a passion, it is not a necessity, it is nothing external; traveling is Alice herself! You can see it in her eyes, hear in her speeches, read in her words.A sublime writer, anyone who reads her articles is transported to a moving world, made up of colors, perfumes, and emotions. Knowing this dotter means starting a journey full of wonders.

Michela Gargiulo -Blogger

Passionate reader, traveller and sunset lover. Medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for. Mark Twain said that one life wasn't enough to learn German. Well, I haven't given up yet.

Farah Kamal Zaghmout- Blogger

Farah is 26 from Jordan, holds a master's degree in German as a foreign language, published author, blogger, freelance translator and university lecturer.

Michele Blogger

Michele Clemente - Blogger

Law graduate. Fake writer. Real traveller.


Francisco Ferreira - Blogger

He's Francisco born and raised in Porto. His friends say he is the best “buddy” (the person that welcomes people in their city and show them around the places and gives them tips). He speaks 6 idioms and hate routines and standardized persons and situations. Always thirsty to learn more and more about different cultures, languages, religions and opinions about everything. "I try to live my life everyday to the fullest and I thank everyday to be here"

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