Oasis – Part I

Oasis – Part I

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Fan fact.

The last time I rent a bike, it was the end of November and I was in Copenhagen. It was freakin’ cold and my ass hurt so much. I told you about that. My heart was fine, then. Now, my heart is the happiest motherfucker in the whole universe. Anyway, I swore it would have been the last time my ass would have sat on a saddle.

It wasn’t.

Renting bikes abroad and never go cycling in my own country is becoming a tradition. I’m pretty sure another tradition will rise: visiting foreign hospitals. I haven’t fallen yet, though. That’s impressive, for me. Trust me.

Have you ever been to the moon?

From Denmark to the Canary Islands.

I knew my stay in Lanzarote would have been a constant carousel, but it’s going better than I could ever imagine. It’s my personal Disneyland, here.

I’m visiting places that are so different from the ones I’m used to. It seems to be on the moon. There are black rocks, cactus, palms, volcanoes and craters. Okay, you cannot find cactus and palms on the moon, but who cares? Don’t be a buzzkill, come on.

Have you ever been to the moon? I have.

Erasmus trip in a oasi

The 8th Canary Island

We woke up early today and we drove to Orzola, the northest village here in Lanzarote. There, we took a boat that led us to La Graciosa, the newest and so-called “8th Canary Island”. The boat was so small and the ocean’s waves were so high and violent.

There is only one little village in La Graciosa. Well, kinda. It’s something smaller than a village. Then, there are some beaches, but there are only two ways to reach them: on foot or by mountain bike. They are at least 7 km far away from the little harbor where the boats arrive.

There’s only one road that goes across the island and you cannot travel it by car. There’s dust, there’s heat, there’s thirst, there’s no shadow. You are in the desert, looking for your personal oasis.

The ride begins

We rent two mountain bikes. It was midday. No sunscreen.

How did it go?

I’ll tell you next time.

From my skin’s logbook:

Lanzarote, 27/07/2019

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