NOT TO DO LIST before leaving for an Erasmus stay

NOT TO DO LIST before leaving for an Erasmus stay

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Are you about to leave for your first Erasmus but arrangements for the departure are stressing you out? Well, here are my suggestions for you.

Don’t postpone your deadlines!

Bureaucracy first! It is probably the worst part of the Erasmus, but it is necessary.

Have your already completed your Application? And your Learning Agreement?
Have you paid all the university’s fees?
Have you found a proper accommodation?

Never procrastinate these things, although they’re incredibly boring. Your first weeks abroad won’t be always rainbows and butterflies but once you have done it all, you won’t have to worry until your Exmatriculation (* Adele’s song plays in the background*)

Don’t exaggerate with your luggage!

Girls, I am talking to you. You’re going abroad for a semester: DO NOT CARRY YOUR WHOLE WARDROBE WITH YOU.
First of all, carrying heavy luggage during your first days (especially if you’re staying in a hostel/ hotel before moving into your apartment) won’t be easy. Trust me.
Secondly, do you really need everything?  Answer… sincerely.

Erasmus luggages in the airport

Don’t be afraid!

You are going abroad not only to improve your language skills or as part of your professional career but to live a life-changing experience. There’ll be high and lows but you’ll never be alone. No matter how far your family will be, your Erasmus family won’t make you feel lonely.

Don’t plan everything in advance!

Life is a journey and it’s hardly impossible to exactly know what it’s gonna happen next.

So, relax and live your experience. Completely. Fearlessly. Fiercely. Intensely.

Erasmus is happy on the nature

I have seen people looking for one-night stand, starting a long-term relationship, or party animals spending all their time in the library.

The best part of plans is changing them.
Life is for good times.
Make them last.
Life has its bad times.
Put them in your past.


 Written by Michela Gargiulo

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