Looking for Giants in Denmark

Looking for Giants in Denmark

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Is it a good idea to visit Denmark in November?

Is it a good idea to visit Denmark in November? Just like some Italian poets from the Dolce stil novo era, I started this paragraph – I know it’s not a poem: it doesn’t matter – with the same words used for its title. The point is that I asked myself this question, when I booked my trip to Copenhagen with a dear friend of mine. Now we’re here, it’s the end of November and it’s cold as f##k. I don’t mind: there are some occasions in which a person has to use a bad word. You know, it explains a concept in a much better way.

We are in Copenhagen, hosted by a former school mate of my friend. He has a restaurant and, God, it’s awesome.

Windy Copenhagen

«Windy!», Jack Nicholson would say if it was a scene from the Shining movie. Oh, poor Wendy!

This city makes me think of something that totally belongs to another planet and another way of enjoying life. I see a lot of bikes running, but people don’t seem to be in a hurry: even if they are, they show themselves so calm, as if the world could never end today, but neither tomorrow or the day after. You know, I can feel a sort of calm chaos: everything could happen, but only peace happens to show up.

Windy sea in Denmark

Don’t be afraid of Giants

We took a train to Ishøj and we rent some bikes. We wanted to see six statues made of wood which represent six Giants: they are hidden in different, mysterious places in the forest. The wind hit so hard on our faces. We could see, hear and feel the North Sea. We rode for so many kilometres – at least, more than my body could stand. I’m still alive, though!

At a certain point, we saw a bridge across the forest and the water. We went down that bridge and we found one of those Giants. It was impressive. No one else was there, just the three of us. I love wood. Did I just say that I love wood? I guess I’m not okay.

It was so cold. It was so powerful. It was so magic. I thought about Explosions in the Sky and their incredible song First breath after coma: I don’t know what it feels like, but I clearly saw life in another prospective. It was just a moment. It was enough.. My breath was telling me something. Every moment can become meaningful: we just have to attach these moments to the walls of our souls and keep them there until we die. Forever.

What about the five other Giants? Well, a man must choose between Giants and his health. If I’m writing this words, it means that I chose to save my painful ass. You know, bikes hurt.

Wooden bridge in Denmark

Post Scriptum

P.S. I’m in love with a girl. I met her some weeks ago. Now I’m here in the deep North and I’m thinking of her. My heart feels much better than my ass.

From my skin’s logbook:

Copenhagen, 28/11/2018

Written by Michele Clemente

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