Interview : Nicole Santise

Interview : Nicole Santise

For our “Founders” column we had the pleasure of interviewing Nicole Santise.
Thank you Nicole for deciding to tell about yourself to the blog and to the family of Dot-e!

Let’s start immediately with our interview

So Nicole, to this day, how many Erasmus projects did you join?

So, let’s go with the first one! To this day, I was lucky enough to do two Erasmus: the first in Tarragona, in Spain and the second one in Lisbon, in Portugal.

What does it mean, for you Nicole, “Erasmus”?

For me “Erasmus” means above all freedom and discovering oneself’s. Erasmus changes you, it’s an experience that totally changes you, at the end you’re definitely a different person, a better one.

What did the Erasmus teach you, how did it enrich you as a person?

Certainly to overcome many limits, just think about the fact that before my Erasmus in Tarragona I used to live with my parents. I never had the opportunity to live on my own and in total independence. Living a new place, meeting new people and a new culture was something incredible, totally new. I do not even know how to explain it, a 360 degrees change.

Erasmus Travellers eating together

The Erasmus taught me above all how to relate to the others, how to understand them. In particular: people out of what is your daily life, your, if so we can call it ,”normality” and I never expected to meet along this path people so beautiful , incredible, Friends.

 How would you describe your Erasmus experience?

I would describe it with an image: me with the backpack on my shoulders traveling high and low for Andalusia. Never a weekend in the same place and up in my mind always the question “ok, what’s next?”.

 What is your most beautiful Erasmus’ memory?

This is a difficult question!
Let me think…
Ok, here it is.

It was June, the “Solarof period”, a techno festival in Barcelona, ​​the “cheap” version of Sonar, but you know, when you are an Erasmus student money is the only thing always missing!
It was an incredible experience, the dawn at Barceloneta, enjoying the moment with the crew, you know.

We went back to Tarragona. We slept a few hours, at midday three friends of mine, Nicole, Riccardo and Jean Michelle came to pick me up and we went to a village outside the Catalunya. I do not remember exactly where it is, it was perched in the mountains.

We ate there but we did not have a place where to sleep, so we camped in a lawn, blankets on the ground, and above the gaze on an indescribable sky, one of those that leaves you speechless.
When we woke up, in the morning, we went down to the village, we hired some suits and went to do canyoning, with the icy water. Eight and a half hours in direct contact with the nature.

It has been a really fantastic weekend, shared with incredible people, and I think those have been the best two days of my life.

 What does drive you to travel? 

I really believe that traveling makes me feel free, a sense of absolute freedom. When I’m about to travel I feel butterflies in my stomach, a coiled spring ready to go.
Discovering places, new cultures, taking and loosing trains, planes, this pushes me to travel, in short, it is the spirit of the Dotter, always ready for new adventures.

Erasmus traveller and her friends together under a bridge

 Why would you recommend becoming a Dotter?

Because you can see how beautiful the world is, and how much the people around you are.

I think the world would be even more beautiful than how it is if there were more Dotters. Because travelling and learning let you become a better person. After my Erasmus I really think I am a better person, much more open minded.

Becoming a Dotter allows you to receive a gift from all the people you meet along your path, which will remain with you and part of you forever.

What would you say to a future Erasmus student outgoing in Tarragona or Lisbon?

I would simply tell him/her about my experiences, nothing more would be needed. I do not need to convince him in any way for sure.

  Erasmus travellers in a road trip

Greetings to all the Dotters and join our big family that is here ready to welcome you!

Written by Chiara Zucchetto Giuseppin

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