Interview : Katja Kovše

Interview : Katja Kovše

For our “Founders” column we had the pleasure of interviewing Katja.
Thank you for deciding to tell about yourself to the blog and to the family of dot-e!

Let’s start immediately with our interview.


How many Erasmus did you do?

This is actually my first one. It’s an Erasmus practice, I don’t even know why I didn’t start this earlier. Right now I’m in Klagenfurt, in Austria. It’s really close to my home, but for now it’s a great experience. I’m planning to do it next year again.

Erasmus traveller enjoying the snow in Austria

What does Erasmus mean to you?

For me, this was a great opportunity to go abroad, to meet other people and new cultures, to see how they work and live here. Even to run away from my everyday life in Slovenia. I could practice a new language. I met persons from all over the world, I talked with them and I discovered only here how much I love this.
This is my last week here and I’m really sad. I didn’t know I was going to gain so many new experiences, like my whole point of view changed. I know that It’s been only 2 months, but I’m totally different now.

Travelling is like food to my soul, I’m always with that big smile and nobody can take this from me

What’s your best memory from Erasmus?

Wow, there are so many.
For most of them, I have to thank an amazing girl I met at work who was always taking me to parties. Without her, I probably wouldn’t have met so many people or been to so many different places. She’s a local, so she knew things. With her, I met my group, and I can’t wait to see them again. I entered deeply into the culture of this city.

Erasmus  party with her roomates

What do you think about Austrian culture now?

There are a lot of similar things with Slovenia, but I think the level is a little higher. Wages are better and I can really think of me working and living here. I realized that people are happier. When they walk on the street, they’re whistling or singing and it’s something I’d never seen before.

Did you travel a lot during your Erasmus?

I have a group of friends here in  my dorm, so we planned some trips together to visit some cities and castles nearby. With locals, I went to these beautiful mountains.

Amazing landscape in Austria

Where do your friends come from?

I actually have 2 groups: one are locals, the other one is very multicultural. Here in the dorm, they come from Iran, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Belarus, Russia, Hungary… I understood that it was important to me to share something with all of them.

Why do you travel?

I love when you go far away and discover new things. You can measure again your values, you can see yourself from different aspects. I like trying new food and all the things you wouldn’t get in your home country.

Why did you become a Dotter?

When I arrived in Klagenfurt, I was open to anything, so when you wrote me I was really enthusiastic. I think it’s a great idea. Many times, as students, we don’t have a lot of money, but if you have friends in every city it’s easier.
I want to present it to my friends because Dot-e has a lot of perks. I know they will love it as well.


Written by Alice Bouhagiar

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