Interview: Ece Baykal

Interview: Ece Baykal

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Ok, after few minutes of technical arrangements, ew can start our interview with Ece Bayka, from Turkey, for our Founders column of our blog!

How many Erasmus trips have you done until today?

Until now, I did two Erasmus trips, one semester each and both of them in Evora, Portugal.

How was your Erasmus in Evora?

Evora is very calm, a small city, but there were so many Erasmus students: imagine a village where there are around 400 Erasmus people and only two clubs around, two or three coffee places, so definitely a place lived by almost only people living your same life experience. And moreover Evora is such a safe place where to live.

Ece Baykal exploring Porto

What does it mean for you “Erasmus”?

For me it means luck, because it was the biggest dream ever for me to have the possibility to join an Erasmus experience. During those experiences I did much more things that I could have ever imagined.

I used to live with three Brazilian people with which I enjoyed even more everything.


Erasmus for me means “people”, it is all about the people


Do you think Erasmus changed you? Do you feel that your background has enriched?

Yes of course, after it I am more patient, you know, Portuguese people are so calm, they are so nice as a country because they love to enjoy their time together, support each other.

I learned a lot from them.

I became a really humble person, discovering the different situations and lifestyles of people that you meet along your path allows you to compare and realize that for someone things are really difficult and complicated, and in the end you feel definitely lucky.

It is really easy for me to make friends, I am really social now, before I was definitely less social.

And moreover now I know how to make lots of cocktails hahahah.

-We discussed for a while about different cocktails, which is the best one and I ever think we created few new ones!-

Did you have the chance to do a lot of trips during your Erasmus experiences?

I made with this guy (the camera turned to a friend of Ece) a travel where we crossed six countries and guess how much money we spent? Just 200,00 euros for all of it!

We stayed in airports, train stations, we made a kind of Interrail, we just wanted to see the cities and discover the different cultures, if you get organized you can do it, of course it is not that easy: someone stole my backpack in Paris.

I was lucky enough not to loose my passport and my phone, I used for the rest of the time my friend’s things; but you know, its part of the adventure!

Our trip has been awesome, we have been in Germany, Amsterdam, Bruxelles, Paris, Venice and Rome, Bulgaria, Greece and Istanbul as conclusion.

Ece look outside in Istanbul

I made this incredible trip to come back home from my first Erasmus, it has been just the perfect conclusion I could ever dream about.

We spent more or less 20 days traveling, I stayed in Turkey for a while and then I flew back to Evora for my second Erasmus!

Tell us a story about this amazing trip

Look, we were in Venice with something like 50,00 euros in our common pocket, so almost no money left! We had to organize and see what was really important: “okay, we are going to eat pizza for sure, no pasta for me since I have been eating all of it for all my Erasmus”.

We walked around the city to find a cheap place with big portions, we took beers from the market and we went to Santa Lucia train station, suddenly the rain stared and we were like staring at it, eating, smoking, drinking and dreaming. It was just the best moment of my life, in one of the most beayutfi city of the world with no money and just our company as a resource

Why did you decide to become a Dotter?

Because look, I really wanted to use “couchsurfing” during my Erasmus, but it is really hard to find a place for two people, I was thinking that we would have needed some application that we could really use, so in the end thats why. Pretty easy and pragmatic!

Erasmus travellers enjoying the sunset by the sea

Why would you recommend to become a Dotter?

Because we are real, concrete people, we are going to share each other life experiences, living together all around the world, creating incredible memories and growing as people of the world.

Thank you Ece for having shared your story with our amazing Dot-e family, we really would love one day to have the chance to have you as a travel partner!


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