How Dot-e was born

How Dot-e was born

From erasmus to erasmus

It was a beautiful and sunny day of September in Seville and Giacomo was riding his bike to university. He was dreaming about all the amazing adventures he was up to live in the next ten months of Erasmus. Among these, the first was visiting Cordoba, a near city that he heard is stunning.
He didn’t want to go with an organized trip of 60/100 people and decided to write in an erasmus group of Cordoba.
So he wrote a post and some messages but nobody responded.

Erasmus friends visiting places during a trip

A place for those with the true Erasmus spirit

He thought that people are too busy and full of notifications on Facebook. So he imagined a dedicated space for all the Erasmus that want to discover and go out of their comfort zone. A dedicated space for all the Erasmus that have the true Erasmus spirit!
He went back home and told the idea to his house mates, everybody loved it.
So he started writing the first “document” of dot-e alone in his little room in the centre of Seville and came out of there only when it was completed.

The project grew across two continents

It was in this moment that the story arrives in the other part of the world.
Giacomo calls Matteo while he was doing an exchange in Salvador de Bahia and he was travelling between Brazil, Bolivia and Perù.
Matteo loved the idea and said:

“when you were talking I suddenly saw an image in my mind, the map of Europe full of dots and lines that connect them. The lines are the travels of all the Erasmus, and the dots are the points where they meet. Meeting while travelling means evolving as person, means experience amazing moments, the ones that you never forget!”

An Idea of movement can born and grow up only in movement.
Matteo was travelling through Andes and communicating with Giacomo through wifi connections met during the trip.
Giacomo was exploring all Spain and not only, telling to every Erasmus he was meeting the idea and the values of dot-e.

Matteo working on dot-e project

Join the dotter community!

We have to thank everybody that:

  • spent even only a minute talking with us
  • moved a critique to our ideas
  • supported us and gave us new ideas to make dot-e evolve

We have to thank them, because only Co-Creating it is really possible to change things!

The story of dot-e continue with the first dotters we met in our path, amazing, open-minded, good hearted people that decided to open their hearts and houses to other dotters.
They were the first Dotters, they were the Founders, they were the ones with who we shared a marvelous part of the story.

Erasmus travellers together during a trip

Now dot-e is ready for another part of its trip, now it is time to connect as many dots as possible through the lines.

Every dot will be a moment of happiness and sharing, a moment of growth and a moment to remember.

Every dot will be only a part of a bigger trip, the one that brings everybody of us to become wiser people, people who don’t see barriers but only bridges to connect with the other.

Written by Matteo Mirabella

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