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If you feel involved write to Giacomo!

 We believe that only together it is possible to change things!

The globedotter is the Erasmus traveler always on the road!
Always out of comfort zone, the globedotter is always looking for the most extreme and extraordinary adventures, those adrenaline-filled experiences that fill your life with emotions.

The Globe Dotter wishes to enter the depths of the culture of the place, discovering its mysteries, browsing and asking about everything. He loves to meet new people every day in the most unlikely places and surround hisself with friends from all over the world. He is a person who brings joy and happiness to others’ dotters home, always leaving a piece of his own culture and a piece of his own generous heart… In his backpack he always brings only the essentials: he is equipped enough to face days and days of travel and light enough to be able to explore without obstacles: he sleeps everywhere, adapts to any situation and he is firmly convinced that“Travelling is not a matter of money, but a matter of how many friends you have around the world”.

Our ambassadorsare the beating heart of our family. They make the Erasmus experience of all the others so special, always with a big smile and a lot of new friends from all over the world.
Why they became dotter ambassadors?! Because they believe that the friends you meet during Erasmus will change your life forever! 
Ambassadors have party soul and are expert in having fun and enjoying life in their cities.
Do you want to hang out? Find the Ambassadors of your city and get in touch with them! No one can make you enjoy the Erasmus life better!

What makes a blogger?!
They are dotters who love writing and sharing their experiences with others.
They believe sharing is caring, and future and present dotters will enrich their lives by reading their articles.
They are masters of words and feelings, living life in its deepest way.
Reading an article of the dotter bloggers means entering in a new world every time, seeing new colours and landscapes, knowing new people and living new experiences.
There is magic in their souls and in their ability to communicate it.
If you have a story to share, they are for sure the best people to write an article about it.

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