Erasmus on a Budget : how can we enjoy it without spending too much money?

Erasmus on a Budget : how can we enjoy it without spending too much money?

Yes, travelling can be expensive and yes, we are students so we don’t have much money. But Erasmus happens only once or twice in our lives: it’s a precious gift, so we should enjoy it without too many worries. We can’t live it with anxieties and doubts all the time.

During my trips, I developed a few tricks that I found really helpful. My aim was to do as much as I could but spending always the least possible. So, here they are, I hope you’ll find them helpful!

Keep an expenses journal

Take note of everything you spend. In this way you can control your wallet and see where you waste money, so in the future you can improve. But it’s important to not make it an obsession: it’s ok to save, but life is only one. If you have a dream, accomplish it!

Cook by yourself

Eating out can be expensive. Even if you eat at a students’ place or on the streets, by doing it every day you’ll end up wasting a lot of money. Buying groceries at the food store and cook them will be cheaper. You can also make a party out of it! For example, many times I offered to cook pasta for dinner for everyone in the hostel: in this way I ate good food, shared the costs and had a lot of fun!!!

Erasmus travellers cooking together during their erasmus

Share, share, share

Sharing anything is the best way to reduce the costs. Even if it means having less privacy, by sharing a car, a meal or a room you’ll experience many different things and meet new people. At the end of your journey, you’ll realize that the people you met and the relations you created were the most important things.

Cheap trips

In many cities, there is an Erasmus association that organizes low cost trips, sometimes even the university does it. Flixbus isn’t the only website that offers cheap fares. You can share a car with Bla Bla Car; you can even prepare meals while travelling on a boat for free. There are infinite options, be creative!

Erasmus Travellers are enjoying a cheap road trip

Trust the people

Since we are kids, we’re told to not trust anyone, that everyone is a possible drug dealer or thief. We Dotters say the opposite: even if it doesn’t come natural to you, trust in the goodness of people. Instead of looking for a restaurant on Tripadvisor, ask someone for their favorite cozy place. Instead of paying a night in a hostel, you can use websites like Dot-e, Couchsurfing or Campinmygarden: you’ll be hosted by a local who can show you the little small places and let you know the true culture.

Written Alice Buhagiar

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