Dotter Weekly News

Dotter Weekly News

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Hey Dotters! it’s Sunday, the perfect moment to sum up what happened during the last two weeks, isn’t it? Let’s see together the last updates from our community!

The Dotter Meetup

On the first of May we celebrated together at the First Dotter MeetUp in Rome.
The weather wasn’t at its best but we were happy. Rachele joined us with her lovely smile and we talked with so many people guided by our dotter spirit knowing new crazy friends. Rita, the ambassador of Rome have reached us with a lot of Portuguese friends!

First Dotter MeetUp in Rome

It was raining when Noel Gallagher started to sing, it was incredible. All of us were dancing and singing in the rain. 
Thanks to all crazy dotter who celebrated with us. What struck me the most was that it seemed we had known each other for a lifetime!

The Blog

Sharing is caring right? No one better than our bloggers knows this quote. they are enthusiast to share their experiences with us every week.
What’s new? We have now 2 new categories and 3 new bloggers in our team! (do you want to be one? write a message to Andrea

New Categories

– Erasmus PillsWe want to collect all the thoughts of our dotters about the importance of th Erasmus Experience. Giacomo opened the new column writing about how Erasmus totally changed his life, let be inspired by his words!

– LogbookOur new Blogger Michele is a real traveller. He visited more than 8 countries and during his adventures he alway took with him his diary. Do you want to read stories from all around the world? This is your category, read about Combarro and Krakow.

New Bloggers

We want to Welcome Franciso, Michele and Farah our new bloggers! 
Read here about the Erasmus Depression (Written by Farah)
Read here about “How to be the Cristiano Ronaldo of housework chores” (Written by Francisco)

Michele Blogger

Are you leaving without knowing the language?

Don’t panic! Read the wise advices of Chiara in her last article.

The Dotter Championship

The top 5 in the ranking are:

Tiagopereirag with 151 points
elmasmamu with 151 points
_.Kud._ with 134 points
Roxana Ştefana Coțofanu with 99 points
Chicusss with 94 points

New people know Dot-e

Thanks to all the participants! Our family is getting bigger and bigger thanks for your help!

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