Dotter weekly news

Dotter weekly news

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The dotter week

Dotter Marketers are preparing an amazing week for you, we will make a journey to discover dot-e and the dotters.

  • How dot-e was born? In which part of the world?
  • What is really dot-e? why it can change your Erasmus and even your life?
  • Who is The Dotter? Why is he so special?

Everything will take place on our Instagram Page @Doterasmus. We will discover together the dot-e philosophy in an interactive and funny journey: quiz, polls, stories from our pioneers, the founders thoughts and above all… Your thoughts!
So, what I want to tell you today is: participate, share, enjoy this week with us and be ready to express your ideas because this is what matter for us.

We reached 66 local communities

Good news! The Dotteam is proud to announce our new goal: we reached 66 community around Europe…  Yeah you read well Sixtysix
But why local communities are so important? They are the bridge froma a simple community to a great family. Dotters love to meet new people, know each other, make international friends, live experiences and enjoy the life at its best. Dot-e is the  tool to make this true.
This is why you should be active in your local community, involve as much Dotter as you can… The real strenght of Dot-e is you.
Go out, talk and smile!

Erasmus Pills 

Ladies and Gentlemen, brace yourselves because today we have tons of cool news: we are writing the first Dot-e book. Who is the author? You!
Everyone lived the Erasmus at its best… We are dotters!
So, you should have millions of thoughts, opinions, ideas that you would like to scream to this world, right?
I will explain you how i twill work.

We want to gather your thoughts about the Erasmus: what it teached you? How it has changed your life? Which are the most incredible people you met, what they teached you? Which is the most incredible thing of your experience? And your mos exciting trip?
Start to think about it because you would write the Dot-e story with us!

Summer MeetUp in Italy

Will you be in Italy this summer? Are you searching for some friends to share trips and experiences? We, dotters are really full of energy.
Keep being connected on our social channels and we will keep you updated on the meetings… I twill be an amazing summer

We are waiting for you!

Dotter Meetup

Written by Giacomo Calabrese

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