A White Whale hidden in the wood

A White Whale hidden in the wood

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Is it always necessary to go far away?

People often think that having a wonderful trip mandatorily means flying across the world, getting as far as possible. It can be true, but it isn’t always true. There are plenty of chances of living unbelieveble experiences without having a 5.000 km flight. It is possible to discover beauty right behind us. The unknown can be known: if it’s hidden, then it’s our goal to find it.

Someday I’ll tell you about one of the most meaningful experiences I’ve ever had: it was a walk in my neighborhood. Not today, quoting Arya Stark. Today, I’m going to talk about a journey in a small village in Tuscany.

Trains and idols

Trains can express countries’ real identity. Well, they say Italian people are lazy. It can be true. Not always. Italian trains are definitely lazy, though. I had this trip with a special person. We left early in the morning from one of Rome’s train stations. It was the end of March, but damn, it looked like it was June: the sun always followed us and never left us alone all along the weekend.

We arrived to Chianciano Terme’s train station with a forty minute delay. “What a shame!”, you could think. Not at all. It had to go that way. – Thank you, Trenitalia! -, I said. You know why? At Chianciano Terme’s station, I had the chance to casually meet Federico Dragogna, the guitarist and composer of Ministri, my favourite rock band. Yes, I reacted as a fanboy (rectius: as a groupie). Yes, my girlfriend thought I was a bit crazy. No, she didn’t leave me. Yes, she’s amazing.

Schoolbuses and White Wales

From Chianciano Terme, we took a bus that led us to Montepulciano, where we had to take another bus to get to the place we had to go. Surprise, surprise! The only bus going that way was a schoolbus. Yes, a real schoolbus. We took it and we travelled for an hour with young students who attend high school and looked at us in a curious way. They were like: – Yo, strangers: what are you doing here? – It was quite fun. We are 24 years old, but we felt so old.

We finally got to Bagni San Filippo, a small village – 80 inhabitants! – hidden in the deepest nature of Tuscany. It’s breath-taking. We walked across the only village’s street to find the place where we would have stayed. Then, we went discovering the most famous thing that there is in Bagni San Filippo: I’m talking about natural, calcareous baths hidden in the wood. There are waterfalls, there’s a great calcareous rock that looks like an iceberg: it’s called White Whale. Fuck the spa, hasta la natura siempre! It was incredible. We climbed the calcareous wall and had a bath in that magic, hot, calcareous water.

Peace, love and red wine

We spent three days there. There was peace. We drank red wine, had hot baths in the quiet, stunning nature. There were the two of us. The rest of the world could not get there. It wasn’t so far from home: however, arriving to Bagni San Filippo was part of the adventure itself, part of the fun, part of the strange things that make our life so good.

In a few weeks we’ll have another journey. We’re going further. Mother Nature will hug us once again. I can’t wait for it.

She’s amazing. Yes, I’m also talking about Mother Nature.

From my skin’s logbook:

Bagni San Filippo, 26/03/2019

Written by Michele Clemente

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