5 reasons to love our Dot-e community

5 reasons to love our Dot-e community

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The thought of leaving your comfort zone and moving abroad for one semester might be frightening, but it is also a super cool opportunity to discover, make new friends, learn and arm yourself with a full quiver of useful life skills. Loads of people re-locate every day for education and working, and if they can, you can too! If you weren’t already in love with Dot-e, please take some time to find out why you should be part of our funky community.


Dot-e has created a huge network of people scattered across the globe. Dot-e is the modern version of the Erasmus programme and once you get involved, you will meet Erasmus students from Europe, South America, Asia and practically everywhere! Having a well-established network has become a vital part of our lives and expanding it daily is easier than ever once you become part of the tribe! 😊

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Home feeling

Picture this: you log into our Dot-e platform, you register, and you start your Erasmus experience with a handful of people who are there for you, in every step of your exchange semester. It is so much easier to find a place to stay abroad when you are part of such a friendly and helpful community. Everyone is more than happy to help you and open their homes for you. This is our own version of couch surfing – just on another level!

Some tips on how to search for a house for a semester abroad:


First-Hand Info

There is a famous saying in Bulgarian: “don’t ask the older ones, ask the more experienced ones”. And in this sense, it is always handy to ask someone who either had a semester abroad or someone who is still enjoying one. So, Dot-e gives you the chance to connect with experienced Erasmus students and ask them anything which comes to your mind: tricks to find a nice house, which University and city to choose from, which places to visit and so on, and on. How cool, eh? Get advice for free!

Useful tips to take advantage of:


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Quality Adventure Time

Meeting with like-minded people is always fun and Dot-e is where the magic happens. Are you up for some electrifying and inspiring adventure time? Welcome to our world, it is exciting and colourful, and you would love it! Dotters around the world are organising trips, parties, sightseeing tours and get together time which is worth being part of! And being part of Dot-e matters to us as much as it will matter to you.

Make the most of your Erasmus experience. Connect with us now!


Erasmus adventure
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International community

Wouldn’t it be nice to be part of a friendly international community where you can meet other Erasmus students, share your experience, make memories together and give a little bit of colour to your life? Yes, right? I thought so too! By becoming one of us, you will be able to call yourself a proud `Dotter of the world`, awesome stuff. As they say: You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want. Choose us today, as we will always choose you. 😊

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