How dot-e was born

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From erasmus to erasmus

It was a beautiful and sunny day of September in Seville and Giacomo was riding his bike to university. He was dreaming about all the amazing adventures he was up to live in the next ten months of Erasmus. Among these, the first was visiting Cordoba, a near city that he heard is stunning.
He didn’t want to go with an organized trip of 60/100 people and decided to write in an erasmus group of Cordoba.
So he wrote a post and some messages but nobody responded.

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Why travelling with dot-e

Erasmus Traveller is visiting a city

Erasmus simply changed me

Erasmus changed my way of being, my way of seeing life, my way of travelling

I understood in 9 months of Erasmus more about myself than in 20 years of “normal” life. I suddenly grew up, I challenged all the habits of my life, I decided to go out of my comfort zone and this was the best decision of my life so far.

One day I will tell you all about the changes that happened in me during that year, but now I really want to talk about:

How I started to approach to travel

Now I want to tell you about that day when I took the backpack for the first time and the reason why I never left it anymore.

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The dotter philosophy

Erasmus Traveller is meditating in a desert

Travelling is a deep human act

When you travel for a long time, as in an Erasmus program, your mind changes. You learn how to make compromises, how to decide quickly and how to put yourself out and ask for informations in a language that you don’t know, even if you will look or sound ridiculous.

When I think about life, I see it as a long road full of adventures and travelling is a big part of it.

Travelling is a deep human act. That’s because the most important part of a journey includes the people that you meet with their stories and their dreams. A trip is special because of them, not because of the places that you could have easily seen on Instagram.

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